Samantha's Bio

Samantha Daniels is a TV Personality, an Author and one of the foremost Celebrity Matchmakers and Love, Sex, Dating and Relationship Experts in the country. She is a frequently relied upon dating, relationship and romance authority on television, on the radio and in national and international newspapers and magazines.

Daniels has appeared on television hundreds of times, including on the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Late, Late show with Craig Ferguson, Extra, Access Hollywood, CNBC, CNN, to name a few. She has been on numerous talk Radio shows, including the Adam Carolla Show, the Leeza Gibbons show, The Laura Ingraham Show, and Cosmo Radio, etc. She has also been featured in endless publications, including the New York Times, USA Today, People Magazine, Fortune, Forbes and Entrepreneur

Moreover, she had her own TV show, Miss Match which she helped create and upon which she was a producer. The 2003 NBC/Darren Star dramedy, Miss Match, starring Alicia Silverstone was based on her life story and Alicia played her character. The show was nominated for a Golden Globe.

In addition, Daniels is the author of the book, Matchbook: the Diary of a Modern Day Matchmaker (Simon and Schuster). Matchbook provides a fun, fast voyeuristic look into dating with lessons throughout that is part Sex and the City, part Bridget Jones Diary.

Daniels speaks often on a variety of dating and relationship topics as well as pop culture/lifestyle topics. She has been a national spokesperson for a number of consumer products, including Oral B, Crest, Febreze and Petco. 

Daniels is the founder and president of Samantha’s Table (www.SamanthasTable.comthe bicoastal high-end Matchmaking service with offices in New York and Los Angeles. She works exclusively with high-profile people, Wall Street executives, and celebrities who are leaders in their industry, advising them on their dating lives and helping them find the one thing that is missing in their lives, that "one" person with whom to share it all. Daniels has helped over 300 people get married and thousands get into long-lasting relationships. She is known for her uncanny ability to understand who goes well with whom, as well as her ability to help single people with their dating technique so they can get into serious, long-lasting relationships. Prior to becoming a Matchmaker, Daniels was a Matrimonial and Divorce Attorney in Philadelphia and New York. 

Recently, she launched The Dating Lounge dating app, an invitation-only dating app for high-end people looking for real relationships. She took her Matchmaking philosophy and secret sauce from 16 years in the business and incorporated that into the algorithm of the app. In this way, the app provides it's members exactly what they are looking for- exclusivity, selectivity, accuracy and time efficiency. The app is available both on the iPhone and the Android.

Additionally, she was a Celebrity Curator for Open Sky where she makes fashion picks for women to make good first impressions on dates. She hosts her own internet TV show, Relationship Chatter, which is seen on 20 portals internationally. Daniels is working on her next book as well as on a relationship talk show that she hopes to host and produce. Currently, Daniels writes for the Huffington Post as well as Thought Catalog. In the past, she has written for, NY Post, NY Daily News, and many more publications.